Fill in the Blank Hiking Captions for Instagram

Hiking captions are the perfect way to show your friends what you’re up to on your next adventure. Whether it’s an epic hike or a day of exploring, share with them all the fun you had in one simple caption! This blog post has some funny, witty, and inpsiring hiking captions for Instagram so get ready, grab your camera, and start snapping away!

It can be hard to think of good content for your Instagram posts, especially when you’d rather be hiking! But if you want to have more followers and engagement on instagram, then it helps if you can come up with quality captions that are interesting or inspiring.

That can take a lot of thought a though and sometimes it’s easier to just grab a template and go with it!

The good news is, I’ve got you covered. I’ve created lots of easy-to-use hiking-themed captions that will help get more likes on your photos. Just copy and paste and fill in the blanks – these Instagram captions are ready to go whenever you’re ready to use them.

Fill in the Blank Hiking Captions for Instagram:

Use these Hiking Captions for Instagram Templates whenever you need some fresh ideas!

#1 I’m so happy to be back in the beautiful [area of your hiking trail]! #nameoftown

You could then talk about the last time you visited the area or the trail.

#2 [name of city or local area] is full of surprises! I didn’t know this hidden gem was so close to home. #nameoftrail

Continue with a story or description of something really special you discovered about the “hidden gem.”

#3 Just hiked to the top of [name of mountain peak]! There’s a [unique feature on trail] and it was beautiful. #nameoftrail #hiking

You could leave this caption as such or add your top three spots to visit along the trail.

#4 I’m so excited to hike at [name of trail]! I can’t wait to see the beautiful [special feature on the trail] and all of nature’s beauty.

Talk about when you first learned about this trail and how long you’ve been waiting to hike the trail

#5 If you’re looking for a good hike, look no further than [name of trail] in [city or state]! The [natural feature or scenery] are beautiful and the trails are well maintained. You can even take your dog with you!

Talk about how strenuous the hike is and things to watch out for along the way.

#6 I remember when I first visited [name of trail or area] in my early [your age] with a friend. It was a magical day, and we had so much fun exploring the trails together. I can’t believe it’s been over [how many years] since that day!

I would probably leave this caption as is!

#7 This is the view from my favorite trail at [name of trail or hike]. I miss it so much! #nameofcityorstate

This is a throwback photo caption. Share a story of the last time you hiked this trail.

#8 I’m so thankful for the beautiful times I shared with my friends at [name of trail or mountain]. #memories

Another throwback photo caption. Talk about a memorable event, something your friend said or other happy memories.

#9 My favorite place. I’ve been coming here [how often] since I was a kid. If you’ve never been, you need to check out the [special feature or spot]! 🐟🌈

Share why this spot is your favorite and what brings you back time after time. You could also share something nostalgic about your family and this trail.

#10 I remember when I was younger, my family would pack our bags and drive to the mountains. We’d hike for [how long] until we reached this beautiful [name of place]. It was so nice to get away from the city life and just be with nature!

This caption is great as is. You could go into more detail about your past family visits to the trail.

#11 The view from the top of [name of mountain or overlook] in [name of city or state] is so beautiful. I can’t believe it took me this long to hike here! #hiking

Share why this trail has surprised you and why it took you so long to visit.

#12 My friends and I used to hike here all the time! If you’ve never been on [name of trail] you need to add it to your bucket list! 🌲🏕

Talk about the time of year that is best to visit and what you love most about this trail.

#13 My favorite childhood memory is of my [name of parent or other person] taking me to [name of hike or nature spot]. #nameofstate

You could share a current photo of this trail as well as a carousel post with an old photo from your childhood.

#14 I remember the first time I saw #nameoftrail. It was a [adjective] day in the middle of [season], and I had just [life changing event like a new job, new house, etc]. The misty scene looked like something out of a dream—or a movie. It was incredible!🌲🙆

This caption is good on it’s own!

#15 This is the view that greeted me the last time I visited my [name of relative or friend] in [name of city or state]. It was a beautiful day to remember [him, her], and all of the wonderful times we had together.

If you want to go into more detail about that special someone you can. Otherwise, leave this caption as it.

#16 My last day in the [name of mountains or local area] was spent at [name of trail or destination]. I’m so thankful for this trip and can’t wait to go back! #nameoftrail

This can be a throwback photo or a photo from your last day of the trip (as you’re leaving). Name a few things you’d like to experience when you come back.

#17 The view from the top of [name of mountain or peak] was like no other. It reminded me of my childhood, growing up in #nameoflocalarea

Memories are always special to share. Talk about where you grew up and how this place is similar.

#18 This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy to have my best friend with me on this trip! #nameofplace

This caption says it all. But you can always add to it if you feel compelled.

#19 [Name of hike] was one of my favorite hikes growing up. I’m so glad we got to take our kids there. #nameofhike

Share how your kids reacted to the hike and how you got to see it through their eyes. Talk about some of the exciting things you share with them that brought you joy as a child.

#20 [Name of hike or mountain] makes me think of my childhood and all the good times we had. #throwback

If you have a throwback photo to add to a carousel post, that would be great! You can describe the old photo.

#21 [Name of hike or area] is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. #beautiful #nature

Short and sweet. You could go into detail about what makes the hike special if you want.

#22 The perfect place to enjoy the last few days of summer. #nameofhike

Another short and sweet caption. This would make a great carousel post with several photos from the hike.

#23 [Name of city or area] has so many beautiful places to hike! I can’t wait for my next visit.

Another great opportunity for a carousel post with different places you visited and hiked while in the area.

#24 [Name of trail] in [name of city or state] was my favorite place to visit with my family when I was growing up. It’s so beautiful here, and it reminds me of the good old days!

Share an old photo or current photo with this caption!

#25 We finally made it to the top of #nameofmountain and got a great view of the beautiful #nameofriver 😍

This caption is perfect for mountain top photos over a canyon or gorge.

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